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Little Goat Supplies
International House
64 Nile Street
N1 7SR London

Hi I'm Yael!

And I'm the person behind the storefront!

I've always been obsessed with stationery - in fact some of my fondest memories from my childhood revolve around the start of the school year when my mum would take me to Woolworths and I got to pick out a new pencil case and pencils!

My teenage years were spent foraging around stationery shops in London - the top floor of the Paperchase in Central London being a particular favourite. They had this amazing array of different papers and card, and I would spend all my money on these beautiful japanese papers, just for them to sit in my room so I could gaze at them 😅

My dreams of stationery never went away. and through all my various jobs over the years, you'd inevitably find me surreptitiously browsing stationery websites and dreaming of the perfect greeting card...



Needing to scratch my creative itch, I'd spend my spare time researching patterns, illustrations and colours. I'd take trips to museums, buy countless books on Amazon about art and design, and take my camera to the streets of London to photograph inspiring moments that caught my eye.

I quickly developed a love for minimal, bold, geometric design, and made my own artwork...


But my artwork just stayed as something I did for me. I had always put off the idea of creating a business because I was scared it wouldn't go anywhere, and by failing it would destroy my love for making things.

Finally, on a rainy, grey day, sitting at my computer at home, something in me snapped. I didn't want to just make things for me - I wanted to make things and actually put them out there in the world, and see them flourish. 

 My mind was set - I was going to actually do this! I started to compile the world's biggest to-do list of things that I needed to make happen!



Fast-forward a year, and I've released 6 collections in 2020, and expanded from just greeting cards to wrapping papers as well.

Excitingly, I've also got a home design studio set up, a list of trusted suppliers, and a steadily growing satisfied customer list 🥰 I've also been joined by a studio assistant - my BFF and fluffiest cockapoo around, Zola!

My main focus for Little Goat Supplies continues to be making things for those who appreciate a luxe, modern and minimal twist to their stationery.

Everything you'll find at Little Goat Supplies has been crafted with the highest level of care and attention. I use luxury materials for everything I produce, and go through a painstaking design process to build each piece to perfection.

Each collection I create is for a very limited print run, because nothing kills a vibe more than a mass-produced greeting card, so you'll know that your purchases will feel unique to the receiver.

I hope you enjoy looking around the store!

With love from the studio,

Yael + Zola (the bestest Studio assistant!)