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Little Goat Supplies
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A Little Goat is born!
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A Little Goat is born!

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Yes! Little Goat Supplies is here! And I'm so excited! But before I get too hype, first lets backtrack a little and tell you a little bit about how and why we're here!

✨ A dream and a new decade

Back in December, I was sitting at home reflecting on the past year and the exciting new decade ahead.

Every New Year, I would think about finally setting up the stationery store that I had been dreaming about, ever since I was small. It was always my dream to design beautiful stationery that uplifted people's lives, and which reflected my precise aesthetic and values. But every year, a new year would come and go without me having made any progress.

But something about 2020 felt different. Perhaps it was the promise of a shiny new decade, or the fact that for the first time, I felt like I was properly set up to attack my dream with vigour. Whatever it was, I knew I had to capitalise on it and make some moves, fast! 

With a brain full of creative ideas and inspiration, I got to work on putting some designs together, from the comfort of her cosy home workspace.


💕 Romance strikes

The theme of this first set of designs was Valentine's Day. This was the nearest big event that gave me enough time to actually deliver something, but that was soon enough to ensure I kept my hustle on. There was less than 3 months between me starting my first design and Valentine's Day - luckily pressure is a great motivator, and romance + love is a great muse! 

So, the Valentine's collection was born, under the steam of a lot of coffee and to the soundtrack of The 100 Greatest Love Songs of All Time 🤣

A future blog post will go into some more detail about the process by which this all happened - including not only sneak peeks into the design process but also all of the business side of things too (all of which had to happen within this short timeframe too!). But for now, it's probably enough to say that once a collection came together that I was happy with, the race was on to get it up and live on the website in time to sell for Valentine's Day!

I set an aggressive deadline of having cards up ready for sale a month before Valentine's Day - eek!

🚀 Valentine's launch

So, tomorrow is launch day (😱), and spoiler alert - I made the deadline! (phew!) I am super excited to say that I'm all ready to press the big red GO button, and couldn't be more proud to unveil this Valentine's collection that I've been working so hard on to the world, as well as welcoming you to our brand new baby, Little Goat Supplies! 

 I will be updating this blog continually with peeks behind the scenes of this every exciting journey, and hope you'll come along with me! 🤗

Thanks for all your support so far - it means everything!

~ Yael