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4 tips for writing the perfect Valentine’s card
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4 tips for writing the perfect Valentine’s card

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While Valentine’s Day may be the perfect excuse to share your feelings, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to say. So, to help ensure your Valentine’s goes without a hitch, we’re sharing our four top tips for writing a Valentine’s Day message that will leave your special someone really feeling the love. 

Think about what you wouldn’t usually say

One thing to consider is how to make your message sound special, rather than just everyday. If you’re the kind of person who never says “I love you”, Valentine’s Day is definitely the kind of special occasion to lay your cards on the table. If you’re not usually soppy with your feelings, take the liberty of the romantic vibes and let your hair down a bit - write those semi-cringey thoughts that go through your head but that you would never normally vocalise.  Conversely, if you’re constantly wearing your heart on your sleeve, don’t just recycle the usual phrases and words you’d say on a regular day. Think about how to express the same sentiments in a more considered way that will really have an impact. 

Be authentically you

Valentine’s Day can be a day of high expectations, and it can sometimes make you feel like you need to say things that you don’t actually mean. The most important thing to remember is that this doesn’t help anyone, and to represent your authentic feelings at all times. If you’re not ready to say I love you, instead think about what would accurately represent your feelings (e.g. ‘I really adore you’) or think about about describing specific things that you do love (e.g. ‘I love how supportive you are’).

Consider your recipients love language

Not everyone communicates love in the same way, and similarly, not everyone likes to receive love in the same way either. Considering how your partner likes to receive love will help you in how to craft their ideal valentine’s message. For example, if your partner values frequent words of affirmation, make sure these are peppered through your card. If their love language is about showing care through acts of service, think about nodding to this in your card by letting them know you’ll be on hand for a massage later, for example. If your person is all about a thoughtful gift, consider building clues about their Valentine’s gift in their card to amp up their excitement.

Don’t be scared to keep it simple

If all of this scares you stiff, and the thought of writing how you feel makes you want to throw in the towel altogether, don’t forget that you always have the option to let the card do the talking for you. A beautifully designed Valentine’s card which already says something sweet and heartfelt on the front doesn’t need to be repeated on the inside if you feel like you have nothing to add. In those instances, we recommend keeping it short and sweet - a simple “I love you”, or “Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful” goes a long way.


We hope these four tips help you craft the perfect Valentine’s card for your loved one. And if you haven’t found the right card yet, browse our Valentine’s Day collection - there’s something for everyone!

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